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One summer night a few years ago, a simple, yet great, idea was born: to start a Rock band that plays great classics from all decades. A Rock band that sounds great. A Rock band with a no-drama line-up. A Rock band to make people dance. The result? Dr. Bombay.

Searching the Classic Rock vaults and the radio airwaves for timeless classics and forgotten favourites, Dr. Bombay has prepared a show which is sure to entertain all ages. We love to play songs you haven't heard lately, but we don't play "deep cuts" nor songs that were never hits. Our mantra is simple — All Killer, no filler!

With an approachable and fun demeanor, we keep the audience energized and dancing all night long. We also tailor our sound so that those people who are not dancing can talk to their friends without shouting in their ears.

Dr. Bombay has been together and playing regular shows since March 2013. The current line-up has been working together since August 2014.

Reviews & Testimonials

  • Kimmie Lock-Long

    "Great bunch of talented and very professional fellas. We loved having [Dr. Bombay] at our wedding. I Highly recommend this band for any event!"

  • MacKenzie Irwin

    "Dr. Bombay played for [our wedding reception] and they were absolutely AMAZING!!! Words cannot express how much Chris and I appreciated that they learned a few Bruce Springsteen songs specifically for us on our special day! Their cover of “Born to Run” was one of the best covers I have ever heard!!!! The high energy and incredible sound still makes me smile from ear to ear! I can’t wait for the next opportunity to see [Dr. Bombay]!"

  • Bob MacKenzie

    "Had a fantastic time at [location redacted] in Kingston last night. Dr. Bombay rocked the house with three fabulous sets of great rock and roll classics. It was a packed house, filled with music fans from 18 to 80, local professional musicians, and students - a good cross-section of the community. The place was rocking all night long, with people dancing and cheering to the music of Dr. Bombay. [...] This band just packed them in. It was a full and very lively house."

  • Linda Boyer

    "Great time at [location redacted] with Dr. Bombay [...] the boys really knocked it out of the park tonight."

Introducing.... Dr. Bombay!

Bill Detlor

Dr. Bombay's lead singer and rockin' multi-instrumentalist, Bill was recently voted the band member most likely to save you if you're having a heart attack!

Joe Matte

The Master of the Stratocaster, Martial of the Marshall, ah, you get the idea. Joe is Dr. Bombay's lead guitarist.

Wes Garland

Wes plays a blistering hot rock-and-roll piano, yet keeps cool on stage thanks to the breeze wafting off the rotor in the Leslie speaker at his side.

John Stevenhaagen

John is Dr. Bombay's drummer. A veteran of many local bands, John is also Dr. Bombay's most experienced Glamper.

Steve Cole

Internet über-mensch by day and groove-meister by night...All Your Bass Are Belong to Steve.

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